Experimental Kirtan

RAda und Eshaan

Sonntag, 15 Uhr, Draussen

What is Experimental Kirtan?


Experimental Kirtan Freiburg is a Kirtan Project started by Eshaan and Radha. Our compositions of bhajans and mantras have an experimental approach - a fusion of classical (indian) instruments, structures and patterns and modern devices and sounds.


Kirtan is an ancient practice of listening and singing certain sounds to connect with the divine. The word “kirtan” comes from a Sanskrit root that means “to cut through” - cutting through the idea of separation, to connect with our real being and to this very moment through sound.



Experimental Kirtan Events 


Experimental Kirtan Events are not just an activity of chanting, singing and dancing. It is a process that initiates with the attention of all your senses. A process that helps you move close to your centre to receive the unknown and to let it express itself through sound, movements and all that is beyond ordinary language.


The main ingredient of Experimental Kirtan is not what you are singing and how you are singing but your attention and how present you are to the happening. That's when we allow the higher to sing and dance through us.